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“ Lead your Life and Start a Brand New Life chapter “is a complete life skills program designed to equip community members with important and essential skills needed to help them start restructuring their lives and rebuilding their belief system through training them to see,live and  Use the powers within.

At one time in our life, we had a vision and dream to fulfill and live a quality of life we deserve and desire but for many of us those dreams have become shrouded in the frustration due to life conditions we go through, for most of us, we no longer ever made an effort to accomplish our dreams.

Based on our Vision and mission to be part of Community Development in our Country Jordan, the BMDC  team puts all its passion and has developed the Complete Life Skills Program and gave it the title “Lead your Life and Start a Brand New Life chapter “which by itself explains the purpose.


By the end of this training workshop, the participants will have:

  • Known the relational needs of every person and their importance.

  • Started knowing the importance of having a dream and how to fulfill their dreams.

  • Known the forces that change our life.

  • Known how to create lasting change.

  • Known the impact of the Belief system on our life.

  • Known the power of decisions.

  • Taken decisions and commit.


Brilliant Minds adopts training methodologies and tools that reach to all our trainees, taking into consideration :

  • Their specific needs.

  • Their learning styles.

  • The goals of the training.

Therefore, all our training workshops are based on our belief that people learn and develop in a highly interactive atmosphere where knowledge and skills are acquired through doing, exercises and discussions.