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What is Sales Training? 

The purpose of sales training is to learn how to persuade potential buyers to buy. Sales Training is made up of subset skills:


Making a good first impression, analysis of customer needs, presentation and explanation of your products, answering objections, negotiation, and closing.

Training Workshop Content:

  • Introduction to sales and the major reasons for choosing a sales career.

  • The Future of Salesperson: Skills Required.

  • Selling Cycle stages: Prospecting, Planning, Approaching, And Closing.

  • Understanding Personality Styles.


The objective of a Basic Strategic Selling Skills Training is to provide trainees with the necessary skills so their selling performance makes a positive contribution to the firm.

  • Increase Productivity.

  • Lower Turnover.

  • Improved Customer relations.

  • Improved Selling Skills.


Brilliant Minds adopts training methodologies and tools that reach to all our trainees, taking into consideration their specific needs, their learning styles and the goals of the training.


Therefore, all our training workshops are based on our belief that people learn and develop in a highly interactive atmosphere where knowledge and skills are acquired through doing, exercises and discussions.