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Brilliant Minds Development Center ( BMDC ) believes that “ Training isn’t just important to every Company, It is VITAL”.What makes BMDC of different is our team  of long experienced and well-educated trainers who worked and delivered too many training workshops to different personnel level (seniors,intermediate or juniors ) where the results and impact exceeded the expectations of clients.

Our values ; passion, commitment, responsibility and Integrity are seen and felt through the training planning process and are implemented to distinguish our team and Center.

BMDC can also work along with the client to plan a full training program for the different company departments and this by preparing and conducting needs assessment analysis.

We look forward to providing our clients with the money  Value they pay and not only for training.

Brilliant Minds Development Center also aims  to empower the young generation and women through Our complete skills training workshops which leaves a big impact and equips them with skills to comfront life and work.