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We are distinguished by our team of tutors who are highly educated and qualified to assist in IB and IGCSE curriculums with a Master degree and the team works together to achieve the best outcome that leaves a strong impact.

As tutoring center, all tutors are qualified with decent ,academic experience and are all well trained to provide students with the best tools to succeed in their school studies .We believe in our passion and believe that all students deserve to be the best they can and to get the right support .

And to implement our belief “ Together We Can “ we provide every student with an account( password and username ) to upload the summary of every session taken  and to let parents follow up with us .

BMDC prepares level challenges in math, physics ,chemistry and English for all students regardless IGCSE or IB in order to allow them apply  the concepts they worked hard on in their daily life and to work on weak concepts in case they occur .

Our Languages  courses are designed carefully to cover the 4 language skills and as done in the scientific subjects , we also organize debate session for all students together once every 2 weeks to encourage them use the language and learn from each others.These sessions are organized by the Center staff along with native speakers .

To be a helpful source to the parents, we have the Complete remarkable Student Course which covers all the IGCSE and IB subjects with decent fees for the whole course and with the best tutors which also contains academic coaching sessions for free.